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Concentrate on technology research and development, high-quality parts, stable product quality!
Every product sold by Enpuda products has serial number tracking,NationwideUNPROFOR。
We solemnly promise: only sell original products and support original factory testing。
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More than a dozen series of product areas, customized testing, to meet different needs!
Cooperate with general agents of Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.
Optimize procurement resources, refine superior products from various regions, enhance product competitive advantages, purchase from superior prices, high-quality products, and optimize sales, thereby improving product cost-effectiveness, so that you no longer need to shop around and provide one-stop support。
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Pre-sales plan is accurate, in-sale production is efficient, after-sales professional and intelligent!
Emergency Pearl River Delta2-4 hoursarrivals,domestic24hoursarrivals。
Mass inventory, scientific management, saving intermediate link costs, maximizing profits to customers, achieving win-win cooperation。
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Shenzhen Enpuda Testing Technology Co., Ltd. provides users with static and dynamic mechanical performance testing of materials and products, and wholeheartedly serves our customers with "scientific, fair, accurate and efficient". The company pursues the principle of sincerely serving users and solving problems effectively. Really solve the practical difficulties encountered in the testing and analysis work for users, so that every user can choose and use it with peace of mind! We will strive to improve the overall quality of our employees, unremittingly commit to "your" requirements, professional technical support and services, And good professional ethics, to continuously meet the increasing needs of "you"!
  • Mechanics and fatigue fracture
    Metal conventional mechanical performance testing(-196℃--1000℃,Tension, compression, torsion, impact, hardness, elastic modulus); 金属疲劳、断裂性能检测...
  • Rail
    In response to the requirements of the rail transit industry for light weight and high strength, vibration isolation and vibration reduction, safety and environmental protection, the reliability evaluation of rail vehicles and rail building materials is carried out to provide components for material selection and engineering applications...
  • Energy power
    In view of the impact of petrochemical and coal chemical media on equipment corrosion, online corrosion investigations can be carried out to provide quality solutions for the safe operation of equipment。
  • Ship and Ocean Engineering
    As the "Ship Material Verification Test Center" authorized by CCS, it can carry out material and component performance testing and verification for the production of ships and offshore wind power, offshore oil and gas development, offshore drilling platforms and other equipment。
  • Corrosion performance test
    Mainly used in the material test to detect the chemical or physical (or mechanical) chemical damage process caused by the interaction of metal and non-metal materials with the environment, so as to grasp the composition of the material and the environment...
  • Aerospace
    Combining high-strength aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and composite materials can be used in key components such as aero engines, cabin aluminum alloy plates and components, aircraft parts, aviation fasteners, landing gear, and propellers....
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