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Ring stiffness multifunctional testing machine 功能用途:

Functional purpose:

It is mainly used to measure the ring stiffness of corrugated pipes, FRP composite pipes, plastic pipes and composite pipes. The additional fixture can be used for the tensile, compression, bending, punching and shearing of metal, non-metal materials, geotechnical materials, plastics and composite materials. It can automatically obtain the maximum test force value, breaking force value, yield strength, Parameters such as upper and lower yield point, tensile strength, various elongation stress, various elongation, compressive strength, bending deflection, elastic modulus, etc., and can print te......

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According to the standard

1. Manufactured according to the standards of GB/T2611-2007 "General Technical Requirements for Testing Machines" and GB/T 16491-2008 "Electronic Universal Testing Machines";

2. Perform verification and acceptance in accordance with GB/T12160-2002 "Regulations for uniaxial testing of extensometers" and GB/T16825-2008 "Inspection of tensile testing machines";

3. Meet GB/T9647-2003 "Determination of Ring Stiffness of Thermoplastic Pipes", GB/T21238-2007 "Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sand Sand Pipe" and CJ/T165-2002 "High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Wound Structure Wall Pipe" "Claim;

4. It is suitable for GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standard requirements.

Performance characteristics

1. It can test and test pipes with pipe diameters within the full stroke range;

2. Equipped with pipe inner diameter deformation measuring device, which can accurately measure the ring stiffness of light wall pipes and bellows;

3. The additional fixture has all the functional characteristics of the electronic universal testing machine, one machine has multiple functions;

4. Exquisite and elegant appearance design: Our company has been paying great attention to the appearance of products for many years, and has developed many products that are comparable to foreign models. Some test machines have obtained national appearance patent protection;

5. Arc toothed synchronous belt deceleration system: It has the advantages of high efficiency, long life, low noise and maintenance-free;

6. Load with high-precision ball screw: stable loading, long life of the testing machine, good long-term stability and energy saving;

7. Adopt the new generation DSC chip system newly developed by the company: it is the most advanced, highest integration, highest control speed controller in China;

8. User operation interface: simple and reliable human-computer interaction interface and data processing interface to complete different experimental requirements selected by users;

9. Open data structure: Both result parameters and process data allow users to call randomly, which is very convenient for scientific research and teaching;

10. User self-editing report function: data can be easily imported into EXCEL form to facilitate user post-processing;

11. A variety of protection measures: such as electronic limit protection, overcurrent, overvoltage and other power links of various electrical protections, software partial overload, over displacement protection, mechanical forced safety limit protection, etc.

The main technical parameters

Test machine model


Four pillars


Four pillars


Six pillars


Six pillars


Six pillars

Maximum load






Load accuracy

Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5%

Displacement and deformation accuracy

Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5%

Speed range(mm/min)

0.001~500 (expandable to 1000)

Test parameter resolution

Load and deformation are not divided in the whole process and the resolution is unchanged ±1/350000FS (full scale)

Test space(mm)



Effective width(mm)



Motor Power(kW)






Host weight(Kg)






Remarks: The company reserves the right to upgrade the instrument. After the update, no notice will be given. Please ask for details when inquiring.