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High frequency electromagnetic dynamic fatigue testing machine

Functional purpose:

It is suitable for fatigue performance testing of various materials and components in the fields of biology, electronics, elastomers, and small specimens.

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According to the standard

Meet the requirements of GB/T2611-2007 "General Technical Requirements for Testing Machines", GB/T16826-2008 "Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machines", JB/T9379-2002 "Technical Conditions for Tension and Compression Fatigue Testing Machines";

Performance characteristics

1. The double-column frame structure, the linear actuator is mounted on top, and the T-shaped workbench is equipped to facilitate the testing of different specimens. The appearance of the testing machine has been specially treated to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the surface of the testing machine. And the shape is exquisite and beautiful.

2. The linear motor drive has a compact structure, small size, no lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, clean environment, no noise, and maintenance-free.

3. It has the features of self-calibration, self-zero adjustment, automatic reset function and precise control.

4. The test frequency range is wide, which can realize a wide frequency test from 0.01Hz to 120Hz. The test machine can perform various tests under sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, ramp wave, and user-defined waveform. The test data is displayed and played back in real time. , Amplification, analysis, storage, and output functions.

The main technical parameters

Test machine model




Maximum dynamic load(N)

±500 and below



Maximum speed( m/sec




Test frequency(Hz)


Actuator stroke(mm)


Test loading waveform

Sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, ramp wave, trapezoidal wave, combination custom waveform, etc.

Measurement accuracy



Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5% (static); better than the indicated value ±2% (dynamic)



Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5% (static); better than the indicated value ±2% (dynamic)


Better than the indicated value±1%、±0.5%

Test parameter measurement range

2~100%FS(full range)

Test space(mm)


Test width(mm)


Drive way

Driven by linear motor, without lubrication and hydraulic oil, the environment is clean and noise-free.

Remarks: The company reserves the right to upgrade the instrument. After the update, no notice will be given. Please ask for details when inquiring.