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Fatigue + multi-channel test software

Functional purpose:

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According to the standard

Performance characteristics

² Test selection: connect the set sample to the actuator, you can test only one channel, or multiple channels, and each test can control multiple channels to coordinate loading at the same time, or run separately;

² Setting of test parameters: set the control mode and related parameters of the test, the response mode of over-tolerance, the unloading time, the starting point of the test, etc.;

² System control mode: force, displacement and deformation control, and the two control modes can be smoothly switched;

² Waveform types: sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, random wave, sweep wave, combined waveform, etc.;

² Experimental spectrum definition: Set the test loading method (load or displacement), various waveforms, frequencies, phases, final values and repetitions and other test parameters. The definition of test spectrum is very flexible and can simulate almost any shape Curve

² Curve display: the type, range, and time length of the curve are optional; multiple curves can be displayed in the same curve display box, and the curve display box can be opened at the same time;

² Channel allocation: The channels occupied by the test can be set at will;

² Specimen installation: used to adjust the position of the specimen before the test;

² Set the zero position and gain of the sensor to calibrate the sensor;

² Static test spectrum, fatigue test spectrum load spectrum setting software;

² System diagnosis: can detect various hardware failures of the system before the test starts;

² System security protection software.



The main technical parameters