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EHSC-5000 controller

Functional purpose:

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According to the standard

Performance characteristics

  • l5000 series material testing machine control system is equipped with the latest controller developed by the company. It is the first in the material testing industry to adopt the most advanced, highest integration, highest control speed DSC controller, and its performance is far ahead of the domestic counterparts. DSP chip system. -------The first company to adopt the most advanced/highest integration/highest control speed controller

  • EHSC-5000 controller is a top-level controller developed by our company with many experts, accumulated years of technical accumulation and cooperation with the world's most powerful international company, and adopts the world's most advanced digital design and production technology for customers . -------Multiple experts/years of technology accumulation/the most advanced digital design

    The EHSC-5000 controller is a top-level control platform in the world today. It adopts the most advanced IC technology such as SOC, FPGA, floating point 32-bit DSP, designed a replaceable channel structure, original compressed data code communication, and automatic calibration Algorithms such as calibration, digital sensor interchange technology. Can satisfy customers for a long time in the future

The main technical parameters