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Warmly welcome foreign agents to visit our company and negotiate business

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With the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement and innovation of the company's fatigue testing machine product research and development technology, our company is continuously expanding the international market and has been affirmed by foreign customers.

On November 3, foreign agents visited our company’s workshop. Mr. Yang of our company warmly received Southeast Asian customers from afar. Southeast Asian customers’ visit was mainly to inspect our company’s dynamic fatigue testing machine. Accompanied by the technical director, the customer visited the production and test exhibition center successively, introduced the main product of our company's dynamic fatigue testing machine and the newly developed test software for test demonstration. Subsequently, Mr. Yang and foreign agents conducted detailed exchanges and analyses on the company's development plan, product sales, and company strength.

热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务           热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务

热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务           热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务      

After communication and communication, the agent expressed that he was very happy to come to the company for on-site inspections and visits. Thanks to our company for its warm and thoughtful service and reception, and for the good working environment, orderly production process and advanced production equipment technology of our company. I am deeply impressed and look forward to further exchanges and cooperation.


热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务              热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务

热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务                热烈欢迎国外代理商来我公司参观考察洽谈业务

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