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The 20th National Fatigue and Fracture Academic Conference ended successfully

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Congratulations on the grand opening of the 20th National Fatigue and Fracture Academic Conference in Chongqing on August 18-20, 2020.

National Fatigue and Fracture Academic Conference The National Fatigue and Fracture Academic Conference is the largest, highest specification, and most influential academic conference in the field of fatigue and fracture in China. It aims to solve the problems of safety evaluation and life prediction of materials and structures and promote fatigue fracture in China. Theoretical research and technical application in the field, serving the country’s economic construction and social development, and strengthening the exchange, discussion and cooperation of experts and scholars in this field. The National Fatigue and Fracture Academic Conference was jointly organized by the National Fatigue Academic Conference and the National Fracture Academic Conference in 1998, and is held every two years. The Society for Protection and the Sixth Society of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society take turns to host.

The meeting site

In this exhibition, our company's participants explained the exhibited works in detail to the exhibitors, and directly demonstrated it to the exhibitors on site. EHG-6000 high frequency electromagnetic dynamic fatigue testing machine, this machine detects various metal, non-metal, composite materials, biological materials and bone screws, cardiovascular stents, titanium alloys, electronic products, elastomers, small specimens and other fields. Dynamic and static mechanical fatigue performance testing of various materials and components. It can realize 1×109 times of broadband operation from 0.01Hz to 120Hz; the electromagnetic drive is small in size, does not need to add lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, and the environment is clean, noise-free, and maintenance-free. It can perform tensile, compression, bending, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue, crack growth, fracture mechanics tests under sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, oblique wave, random wave and combined waveforms. Precisely aligned double-column load frame, upper beam actuator, unique bearing system, when the sample causes deviation or side load, always maintain the load coaxiality to help reduce the test error; T-slot working platform , Can be used for regular and irregular sample installation; compatible with multi-environment coupling: various high and low temperature environmental boxes, fixtures, chambers, salt water baths, video extensometers and other accessories. With the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement and innovation of the company's fatigue testing machine product research and development technology, our company is constantly expanding the domestic and foreign markets, and has been recognized by customers.

Exhibition Glimpse

Enpuda-high frequency electromagnetic dynamic fatigue testing machine

Enpuda participants