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EHSC-5000 series static test software

Functional purpose:

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According to the standard

Performance characteristics


① Automatic calibration and calibration technology --- Fully automatic calibration and calibration to avoid human error;

② Multi-information coding algorithm for compressed data --- Short transmission data length and large amount of information, used for high-speed communication;

③Automatic carrier technology of characteristic data sensor --- The calibration data of each sensor is stored in the sensor itself;

④ Zero-error sensor interchange technology --- Because of the calibration data, the replacement sensor does not need to be re-calibrated;

⑤ Adaptive PGA technology --- In order to get the best dynamic range, adaptive programmable gain technology is adopted;

⑥ Low-noise multi-plane SMT technology --- 6-layer board design to reduce noise;

⑦ Long-distance signal differential technology --- Enhance the anti-interference ability of long-distance signal transmission;

⑧ Johnson noise suppression technology --- the tiny signal of the analog channel must reduce interference;

⑨ Thermal temperature difference effect balance technology --- When the ambient temperature changes, the noise generated by different temperature differences is compensated;

⑩ Mirror ground plane technology --- eliminate PCB noise

⑪ The wireless remote control operation box --- completely liberating the shackles of the wire --- getting rid of the constraints of position and direction, making the test operation more convenient and bringing a new test experience; the communication between the operation box and the main controller adopts wireless coding communication technology, which is resistant to Strong interference ability, multiple test machines can be used at the same time.

⑫ Multifunctional operation box---Manually control the installation and alignment of the testing machine and the loosening and clamping of the hydraulic clamp when the sample is clamped. The operator can observe the sample clamping status and the precise position, force and force while operating the button. Deformation data is reliable and convenient.

The composition of the control system: PC + main controller + wireless operation box

The main technical parameters