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Non-contact optical measurement system

Functional purpose:

Mainly used in the three major areas of material mechanics testing, component testing and structural monitoring, such as displacement, extension, distance, angular displacement, strain (reported extension, compression, bending, shear), Poisson's ratio, stress-strain curve, etc.; Provide users with a multi-functional measurement solution, which can effectively solve a large number of deformation measurement problems.

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According to the standard

Performance characteristics

The main technical parameters

1. Measurement resolution:

  • 1/500 pixels (using special materials to test special lens, 25mm field of view)

  •  Displacement resolution: 0.05mm

  • Strain resolution: 5 micro strains

    2. Features:

  • Measurement object: a variety of materials (can be connected to the testing machine) metal, rock soil, plastic, rubber, composite material, polymer material, leather, optical fiber, film, wood, biological material, etc.;

  •  Set gauge length arbitrarily (small size samples can be measured);

  •  Measurement under special conditions:

  •  High temperature measurement above 800 degrees;

  •  Low temperature measurement of minus 100 degrees;

  •  High-speed impact and high-frequency vibration;

  •  Fracture, damage and destruction experiments;

  •  Fatigue test: there will be no slippage of the measuring instrument, it can work for a long time, and the measurement effect is stable;

  •  Micromechanics measurement: Take pictures with scanning electron microscope (SEM) and other instruments to measure micromechanics;

  •  Feedback control of measuring strain signal can be realized (for example, when doing fatigue experiment, using strain signal to control fatigue testing machine).