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Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic fatigue testing machine

Functional purpose:

It is mainly used to test the dynamic and static mechanical properties of various materials, parts, elastomers, shock absorbers and components. It can perform tensile, compression, bending, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue, crack growth, fracture mechanics tests under sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, and combined waveform. An environmental test device can also be configured to complete environmental simulation tests at different temperatures.

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According to the standard

1. Meet the requirements of GB/T2611-2007 "General Technical Requirements for Testing Machines", GB/T16826-2008 "Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machines", JB/T9379-2002 "Technical Conditions for Tension and Compression Fatigue Testing Machines";

2. Meet GB/T3075-2008 "Metal axial fatigue test method", GB/T228-2010 "Metal material room temperature tensile test method" and other standards;

3. It is suitable for GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standard requirements.

Performance characteristics


1. The main machine of the testing machine: the column, the base and the beam form a closed frame structure, the frame rigidity is large, there is no backlash, and the stability is good. The outer surface of the column is treated with electroplating hard chrome, the servo actuator (cylinder) is placed underneath, and the double-acting cylinder piston design is adopted. The specimen clamping and adjustment are convenient and flexible.

2. Key components: use internationally renowned brands-American MOOG servo valve, German DOLI controller, Japanese Fujitsu oil pump, American Shiquan sensor, American MTS displacement sensor, etc.

3. Hydraulic servo pump station: adopts leakage-free and silent technology, stable pressure output, no fluctuation, low noise, good heat dissipation effect, high filtration accuracy, automatic protection against pressure overload and oil temperature over temperature.

4. Control mode: PID closed-loop control of force, displacement and deformation, and can realize smooth and disturbance-free switching of any control mode.

5. Test software: It is suitable for operation and control system coordination under the Windows test platform, which can control the test system to complete various dynamic and static mechanical performance tests, such as metal tensile, compression, bending, low-cycle and metal fracture mechanical tests. And independently complete various test management, data storage, test report printing and other functions.

6. Test waveform: sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, random wave, sweep wave, combined waveform, etc.

7. Protection function: It is equipped with alarm and shutdown functions such as oil circuit blockage, overtemperature, low liquid level, hydraulic system overload, motor overheating, preset fatigue times, and specimen fracture.

The main technical parameters

Test machine model








Maximum dynamic load(kN






Test frequency(Hz)

Low cycle fatigue 0.01~20, high cycle fatigue 0.01~50, customized 0.01~100

Actuator stroke(mm)

±50、±75、±100、±150 And customized

Test loading waveform

Sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, ramp wave, trapezoidal wave, combination custom waveform, etc.

Measurement accuracy


Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5% (static); better than the indicated value ±2% (dynamic)


Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5% (static); better than the indicated value ±2% (dynamic)


Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5%

Test parameter measurement range

1~100%FS (full scale), can be extended to 0.4~100%FS

2~100%FS (full scale)

Test space(mm)



Test width(mm)



Oil source configuration (21Mpa motor power)

20L/min(7.50kW),40L/min(15.0 kW),60L/min(22.0 kW),100L/min(37.0 kW)Displacement oil sources can work in combination according to requirements, and pressures of 14, 21, 25 Mpa can be selected

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