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2019 - 11 - 09
With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement and innovation of the company's fatigue testing machine product research and development technology, our company is constantly expanding the international market and has been recognized by foreign customers.On November 3, foreign agents came to our company's workshop to visit and inspect. Our company Yang always warmly received Southeast Asian customers from afar. The Southeast Asian customers' trip was mainly to visit our company's dynamic fatigue testing machine. Accompanied by the technical director, the customer visit...
2019 - 08 - 02
Our company has been studying and exchanging with Professor Huang Peiyan, School of Civil Engineering and Communications, South China University of Technology for a long time. Under the guidance of Professor Huang Peiyan, we have a deep understanding of the durability, fatigue fracture and corrosion resistance of bridge structures. With rich experience, strong technical force and good corporate reputation, Empoda successfully won the bid on July 30 for the project of Creep Load Long-term Performance Testing System, a large-scale environmental simulation cabin of Southeast University Urban Scie...
2019 - 08 - 01
Distinguished users:Hello! First of all, thank you for your long-term concern and support for Empoda Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.  This revision includes computer website (www.szenpuda.com) and mobile website (m.szenpuda.com), aiming to further play the role of external publicity and communication of the website, and to provide customers with better service. At the same time, it also shows customers the new look of Enpda's continuous development.Compared with the old version of the website, the new page style is adopted and the whole structure is clearer. But we can't be perfect eith...
2019 - 06 - 11
Recently, our company has successfully passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification of Shenzhen Bid Winning International Certification Center. It marks that our company has stepped into a standardized, standardized and scientific track of modern enterprise management.The certificate of ISO901:2008 quality management system certification is the standardized and standardized comprehensive inspection of the company's various management work, and an important guarantee for the company's sustained, stable and healthy development. We will further optimize and standardize various...
2019 - 05 - 29
Our company has developed a batch of 100KN electro-hydraulic servo dynamic fatigue testing machine and 20000N.m micro-computer controlled torsion testing machine for Wuhan University of Technology, which have passed the user's acceptance successfully. As a supplier of the State Key Laboratory of Silicate Building Materials, these test equipments are mainly designed to meet the requirements of composite materials. The coaxiality requirement of the test machine is very high when dynamic fatigue testing is done. The deviation between upper and lower fixtures is within 0.1 mm in the whole range of...
2019 - 05 - 21
On May 18, Enpuda delivered another batch of hydraulic silent servo oil source system equipment to Taiwan's agents to help Empoda successfully gain access to the Taiwan market and lay a solid foundation.The key technology of hydraulic servo cylinder controls the minimum displacement loading of 1 micron/s, and the maximum noise of silent servo oil source is less than 62 decibels. Users come to our company for acceptance on the spot and use calibration instruments to measure all the indicators meet the requirements.This is the second cooperation after the success of the last project. It is a hig...
2018 - 11 - 01
In October 2018, a teacher from Shijiazhuang Railway University came to our company to make a technical discussion on the 'Rail Rolling Contact Fatigue Test Bench'. After more than one year's exchange of theoretical and practical experience between the two sides, and consultation with relevant experts from Southwest Jiaotong University and China Academy of Railway Sciences, the project has been deeply understood and discussed; for dynamic fatigue test-bed, multi-channel coordinated loading test-bed, rail rolling contact fatigue test-bed. The technology of wheel-rail fatigue test-bed is deeply ...
2018 - 06 - 14
On June 20, our company, together with Southwest Jiaotong University Railway Development Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, completed the most critical test in the project of 'High-speed Railway Turnout Safety Monitoring System'. Rail fracture signal acquisition and validation under natural frequency and load applied by dynamic fatigue test bench. In the course of two years'research in more than a dozen relevant experimental centers in China, they finally reached a cooperative relationship with our company.Dr. Wang of Hong Kong Polytechnic and Zhang Gong of Southwest Jiaotong Univ...
2018 - 05 - 29
In this hot May, Empoda brought you good news. Successfully won the bid on May 18 - In 2017, the central government guided the local science and technology development special fund project 'Guizhou Highway Engineering Inspection and Inspection Technology Innovation and Service Platform Construction' inspection equipment procurement project.The leadership of the bidding company attaches great importance to the bidding documents, technical quality and other specific requirements. Due to the time constraints and heavy workload, under the leadership of the department, colleagues worked together to...
2018 - 03 - 25
In March of spring blossom, after a month of basic information collation, various department managers organization and coordination, ushered in the Enpda ERP project officially successful online operation. It also marks a big step forward in the internal management of the company in the new year.Enpuda ERP system operation project is an important measure to improve company management and control, optimize resource allocation, enhance core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote enterprise management and development. The project has received the attention and support of company leaders and ...


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Company News

China Air Transport Project Investigation and Supplier Visit

Dates: 2017-11-20
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In November 2017, our company welcomed a large number of customers to visit and negotiate business, mainly on the strength of the company, technological innovation and talent reserves to understand!

The business and technical leaders of Shanghai Commercial Aero-engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of China Airway came to our company (the production base of Shiyan Sanlian Industrial Zone) to inspect and discuss the project of 100 tons dynamic servo cylinder, and to exchange the technical and quality control aspects, and inquired about the company's development status and technology. Strength and research results in recent years.

China Air Transport Project Investigation and Supplier Visit

From the left, they are China Airlines Metalworking and Xugong respectively.


Our experimental engineer demonstrated the operation process of 50KN standard micro-computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine in the finished area.

China Air Transport Project Investigation and Supplier Visit

The picture shows the engineer demonstrating the operation performance of EH-9504.

Xu Gong and his colleagues gave a high appraisal of the company's geographical convenience, the warm and scientific office area, and the clean and tidy workshop. On the same day, 100 tons of dynamic servo cylinders were of great interest. The key components were designed and manufactured by MOOG servo valve, American Shiquan sensor and German REXROTH core technology. We appreciate the strict quality control and complete testing methods of our company. The products are trustworthy and express our intention to order two sets.

Nanjing Chuanli Enterprise Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. also came to our company on the same day to listen to important users'opinions on the research and development direction of high-end dynamic sensors. Our company, Mr. Yang, has been developing in the testing machine industry for more than ten years, from technical engineer to sales engineer, sales director to self-established Enpuda Industrial Systems Co., Ltd., which has stored abundant technology and industry experience. The basic situation and development direction of our company are introduced, and the sensor application is from 10N to 20M spoke type. For the static and dynamic use of S-type and column type, Yang always points out that although key dynamic sensors are manufactured in China and joint venture brands, they lack specific test data support. To develop reliable high-end dynamic sensors, we need to make continuous efforts in elastomer materials, production technology and test data improvement! __________ Mr. Liu agrees with the suggestions and adopts them. He hopes that such technologically powerful enterprises can establish long-term high-level visits and promote the rapid development of China's instrument and sensor industry.

China Air Transport Project Investigation and Supplier Visit

From the left, Manager Liu, Manager Xia and Vice President Liu of Business in the Asia-Pacific Region

Guangdong Dongjian Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Material College Test Center, South China Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering and Communications, and other companies and universities have come to inspect the electro-hydraulic servo fatigue test-bed and multi-channel fatigue test-bed projects.

The performance of electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine and multi-channel fatigue testing machine produced by the company is very excellent. If there is a need to carry out mechanical properties testing of materials, automobiles, high-speed railway, fracture testing, fatigue testing, static mechanical testing laboratories, companies and institutions of higher learning, may consider choosing these series of products, or not. We always welcome friends from all over the world who visit our company first and then consider our products to come to our company!!!

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